Sunday, April 04, 2004

April 2, 2004

One day in and the adrenalin is pumping. I am adjusting well, so far, but my dog Henry isn’t, which is giving me a major case of anxiety…. I suppose I underestimated the effect that the plane ride would have on him. I am a lousy flyer, constantly thinking that plane is going to crash, or now, after the September 11th mayhem, thinking that terrorists are in my midst. I quell my fears with alcohol and pills. I gave the dog some sedatives from the vet yet he still seemed tightly wound.

Arriving in Munich, I picked up Henry right after I picked up my bags. He seemed thrilled to see me and not too bad off. We then had to go through customs which I was expecting somehow to be like a bad movie where Henry and I end up in some room being questioned by some brown shirt. All of our papers were in order, yet I was nervous because I took a year’s worth of drugs (birth control and prozac, both necessary for my sanity) and not the two months supply allowed by the Germans. The nervousness was quickly allayed by the blue eyed good looking customs agent who was flirting and telling me how cute Henry was. He seemed more interested in how the long flight had been for the dog than in any documentation I had. He took the briefest of looks at it, bent down, patted Henry and sent me on my way! We went out to meet Chris and then picked up Jen who was flying in from Philly as well but on BA.

After dropping Jen and marveling at the amazing spring weather, we got to the apartment which is lovely, facing south which is good for both the sun and the satellite dish I hear. We spent the afternoon sorting my stuff and Chris’ stuff as well and just chatting and catching up after a long period away from each other. Chris is sweet and sensible and the perfect counterpart to my often irrational and often overblown personality. Being with him has a most calming effect on me. I just cannot get wound up when he is around. It is pretty amazing!


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