Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Henry Takes A Beating

Henry came back from the kennel with lacerations allover his back and legs. Apparently some bigger dog attacked him. I am angry and upset beyond belief. This is the second time that my docile, wonderful dog has been hurt by a more aggressive member of his own species. It truly breaks my heart. I don’t understand how it happened. Frau Kufner was apologetic but not exactly forthcoming with an explanation. In theory, it sounds great to have all the dogs together, but not if one goes after another!

He’ll be fine. The wounds, which are all shaved and cleaned, are healing nicely, but he looks awful and is walking very slowly. I just cannot imagine what was going through his sweet little mind when this happened.

This presents us with a real dilemma. Chris has a trip to South Africa coming up in two weeks and I am able to accompany him. It is a fabulous opportunity for me to visit a part of the world I have been fascinated by my whole life. However, I don’t know how I feel about leaving H. Is that crazy or what? I really feel a strong responsibility to him and do not want to leave him to get hurt again. Anyone want to fly over here and take care of him?


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