Friday, July 14, 2006

Yesterday someone, who shall remain nameless, asked me for some local dirt and sadly, I realized I had none, which later led me to a discussion with Jason about the real lack of salacious gossip in our worlds. The gist of our lament is that you never hear anything good. Sure you hear stuff, but it's just not sordid enough! Finances, as far as we're concerned, are simply not good fodder for hearsay. Have we really gotten that old and boring? Let's face it - all the good stuff is about sex. So, this is an open call to bring all your tales to me!

The past few months have been rough and I have not been updating this blog as much as in the past. I have been dealing with the personal issues of losing my mom, and then losing my dog. I've been introspective, but oddly for me, I've largely kept it private, or only shared it with a few people like Chris, Joanna and my family. I'm starting to feel like myself again so expect more postings - at least twice a week, if not more. I've been cooking a lot so I'll talk about that as well as some books I've read lately. I also would like to write a bit about our trip to Provence. We're on the eve of another trip to Ireland and the UK and I haven't even written about the last wander we took. I need to get on the stick.
Thanks for hanging with me...


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