Friday, August 18, 2006

England was great. We had some time alone, which was really nice, but we had a few terrific days with the family, which was special! I really love them all - they've made me feel loved and at home. Like Chris, they're all dead funny and they had a lot of fun "taking the piss" out of my Jersey accent, which flattered me because I knew they woudln't rib me if they didn't like me.

We spent a really good day in Birmingham with Maxine visiting the beautiful art museum which is chockful of Rre-Raphaelite paintings. We had a nice lunch next to a canal with a lovely bottle of Provencal rose to boot. The whole time we were in Birmingham, I couldn't help but think of our great friend Richard Garvey, who we love very much and who hails from there.

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