Sunday, April 04, 2004

April 3, 2004

Less sprightly than yesterday - due and owing to the fact that we stupidly left the dog on his own for six hours last night while we went out and got thoroughly trashed with a bunch of friends. Apparently, Henry barked the entire time as we were advised by an anonymous note on our door left by a neighbor. It was utterly stupid to do that knowing how anxiety ridden he seemed to be and now we are in the soup with some unknown person in this building. I am afraid to go into the hall for fear of being accosted by some angry German. We discussed it and we think we just need to stick close to him for a week or two until he calms down a bit. I think all the upheaval of moving, of going to my family’s house for a week and then flying here really took a toll on poor Henry’s psyche. Though he is enjoying the massive walks we have been taking through our neighborhood, Schwabing.

Our first night out was great – spent at a brasserie near the central market getting hammered with our friends and celebrating my arrival. Any night that begins with a Kir Royale and ends with tequila is bound to be fun, but…. Everyone really in top spirits especially Richard who kept ordering new bottles of wine to be brought. Final tally – nine bottles. Sobered up completely upon arrival at home and first sight of note on door.

Rest of day chilled out with book called Hitler’s Niece (fictional version of his affair with his niece Geli Raubal who committed suicide. Reading it because much of it is set in Munich). Jen and Paul stopped by to see the apartment and we chatted a bit. Paul says he too was obsessed with Hitler and the Nazis when he first moved to Munich. Glad to hear that I am not the only one.

Quiet night at home with pizza, wine and British quiz shows. I keep saying that once you cross the threshold of our apartment you are in England. Satellite telly brings the BBC and Sky TV, soccer matches, East Enders and the like. There are also tons of food shows. When did the British learn to cook?


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