Friday, April 07, 2006

My mom died late on Wednesday night, peacefully and blissfully unaware, with her three daughters by her side, listening to Dvorak's New World Symphony. She was unafraid and ready to join my dad and her still born baby from forty years ago, whose loss she still felt deeply. We were lucky to be able to say our goodbyes and sit with her during her final hours. Gina, Lisa and I talked about her and the journey we've shared. We cried and we laughed. It was a huge gift to be with her as she went on to her next life - she brought us in and we helped her out. Life as it should be.

She was remarkable, strong, kind, loving, caring, edgy, funny and good to everyone. She didn't have a judgmental bone in her body nor did my father - we were so lucky to have them as role models - and would give anything to anyone. I'm sure the charities to which she donated copiously each month will miss her. Gina told us yesterday that after buying groceries, she'd often run into another store leaving everything on the back seat with the car unlocked. When Gina asked why she didn't lock the car she replied "If someone needs the groceries, they can take them." Remarkable.


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