Thursday, August 24, 2006

I just had lunch with my two sisters Lisa and Gina, and my good friend Lynne. Lynne and I had planned to get together and by coincidence my sisters were in town getting pedicures so we all hooked up. Nice.

We finally have some neighbors next to us. The house has been empty since we moved in and we’d gotten sort of used to the quiet, but it’s good to have some life around and the couple seem extremely nice. They’re young-ish (who isn’t?) and about to get married. This is their first house so they seem very enthusiastic.

Looking forwarded to a jam packed social calendar again this weekend. We’ve got a week at the beach coming up with Jo, Tom and John and the five of us are living for hanging out, sunning, and just being really lazy.

Chris’ sister Max arrives next Tuesday for 9 days. We’re really happy she’s coming to see us! We’ve got some stuff planned together, mainly a weekend in D.C., and she’s going to run up to NYC on her own for a few days. Max is brave, has been a bunch of places on her own – China and India as well as Europe, so NYC should be a no-brainer for her.


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