Monday, April 05, 2004

April 5, 2004

First day on our own. I’m used to being alone at home so it doesn’t throw me at all. I think it’s healthy to have time to yourself even if you are in a relationship and I daresay that Chris agrees me, after many years alone as well. Although Chris has always had roommates, just not roommates that he was sleeping with! Me, I enjoy being with a crowd, but I revel in being alone, puttering, read a book, surfing the net, knitting. I have always been great at amusing myself.

I found my favorite Philly radio station on the net. It’s like being back at my desk listening – only the morning show which I love so much won’t start till two.

I made contact with the sister of a friend who is living here and amazingly she is about a minutes walk away from us. How bizarre is that?

Yesterday we took Henry to the pub for his first visit and he was a huge hit. Did a few tricks for the gang which they all loved. One of the guys, Gav, wants to borrow him so he can meet women. Dogs and babies are always the entrée to meeting people I have found.


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