Monday, July 12, 2004

Knitting Continental Style

I am feeling very good about myself having taken the time and effort to teach myself to knit in the continental style which means that I am holding the yarn in my left hand and picking it, rather than throwing it with my right hand. It seems easier and more natural now that I have learned it.

My first big project using this new method will hopefully be a blanket for Marcus and Allison’s new baby girl, Kendall. I have to go downtown and buy some yarn today and get rolling. I am looking forward to this!

I am currently finishing a scarf for myself. Of all the stuff I have knit these past months, nothing has been kept for my own use. I really need to knit something for Chris too. I was thinking about a pair of socks! He has dozens of socks without mates and I am just dying to throw them into the trash. Maybe if I knit him some new pairs, he can be persuaded to start tossing the old unmatched ones!


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