Thursday, July 31, 2008

We had a great visit with the Plants - Chris, Martina and Hugo. Hugo is a little dear - I truly enjoyed him. He's absolutely sweet as can be and is constantly smiling! We got along well.

We fed them some good old American style food - local Philly cheesesteaks, North Carolina style pulled pork with slaw and baked beans, homemade burgers and all sorts! It was fun. They seemed to like our town a lot which made us feel good.

A Haddonfield gal named Erin Donohue has qualified for the Olympics in Track and Field's 1500 meter event and the town is having a parade tonight down Kings Highway to send her off with a bang! I think it's a great idea and of course I am going! The parade will end at the Haddonfield Memorial High School where she was a State champion and the town has invited all the local kids to take a lap around the track with her. Small town living at its best! Go Erin!


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