Sunday, January 25, 2009

Amazing week for me. Monday I got a phone call from Joanna, who is working on the Presidential Transition Team, offering me a ticket to the Inaugural. Off I went with another friend of Joanna's named Roseann, who I have known for years. I like Ro alot. She's a good egg. We drove down on Monday afternoon and were fine until we hit DC and a massive amount of traffic. Jo and her colleague Tim actually walked to us and drove the car into some parking lot where they'd scored a parking space for us, which, considering the amount of people converging on Washington, was an absolute miracle. We stayed at Joanna's apartment and had a quiet night for the most part and got up at the crack of dawn to walk to the Capitol with two milliuon other people. We had tickets which put us right at the Capitol steps - amazing but had to line up for hours in the freezing cold with thousands of other people. We were with Joanna's work crew - a really fun and diverse group whose company I enjoyed immensely. Everyone around us appeared to be part of the Government and I enjoyed hearing snippets of their insider conversations. The Inauguration itself was amazing and I had the chills as it unfolded. Tears were running down my face as Barack took his oath of office. I was overjoyed and absolutely moved. There are no words to describe how I felt, and how happy I was to be part of such a transforming moment in history. Well worth the cold.

We had planned to leave shortly after the Inauguration ceremony but we didn't count on all the streets around us and our parking spot being closed until early Wednesday morning so we stayed on and celebrated! Fantastic!

On Thursday, I flew to San Francisco to meet Chris who is working here. We're staying in San Jose at the Fairmont which is a fairly swish hotel. We had a great day on the Coast yesterday and are headed to see friends in Walnut Creek this afternoon. I head back tomorrow and Chris comes home on Thursday. I love California. I could live here.

Anyway, gotta dash. It's been overcast and there's some blue sky peeking out and I want to feel the sun on my face!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a week indeed!!! You lucky, lucky girl!!! Were you allowed to take any pics?? Enjoy the rest of your time in California!!! Get a few rays of sunshine for us too! Love Alison xxx

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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