Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Sexy Dog

After much research, I found a really great kennel called Hundepension Palm, which is outside of Munich, deep in the woods, surrounded by bright yellow fields of rape. We took a ride out there a few weeks ago and were really pleased with what we found. The owner, a very sweet woman named Frau Kufner, is obviously an animal lover. There are horses, cows, and free range chickens whose eggs she sells. She has about ten or fifteen large fenced in areas with dog houses and grass, and plenty of room for dogs to cavort. She lets dogs of like breeds stay together. When we dropped Henry off before our trip to Italy, she asked if we wanted Henry segregated at night, inside. I told her to use her judgment.

He seemed happy the minute we got there, with not even a glance back at me as he began to play with another Labrador. We drove away feeling good about leaving him. Yesterday when we picked him up, he was running free having just been washed. I asked her how he was and she got a glint in her eye and said “He is a very sexy dog.” It appears that for the first three or four days all he did was mount the bitches. She said he was unrelenting in his ardor (translation: really horny) and appeared to enjoy himself, but on about that the fourth day he collapsed either from boredom or exhaustion.

I was pleased that he had a little fun while we were off in Italy gorging ourselves on food, art and wine!


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