Wednesday, April 28, 2004

An Average Day

Henry wakes me up by putting his wet nose on my face. It’s not nearly as bad as it sounds! I stumble in to the toy kitchen and make coffee. Chris was in Zurich, Switzerland and found a Starbucks and brought me back some Sumatra! Walk Henry a bit and come back in, pour us both coffee, get back into bed and watch British news with Chris. Chris showers and leaves and I usually roll over for another hour! If I can’t be with my coffee gang, I’d rather sleep. I miss everyone so much at this time of day.

Finally get up, check the e-mails, write a bunch of notes to the folks at home, usually send a love note to Chris and make lunch plans. Clean up a bit, make the bed, listen to WXPN on the net and head out for lunch if I am meeting someone or to the park with Henry and a book if I am on my own. I’ll hang out with Jenny some days, but not all the time. I’ll meet Lise and the gals from the European Patent Office some days. Yesterday, a friend Gail called. She is visiting her husband who is on a six month job here for Lockheed. We went to lunch at a real Bavarian place which was ribstickingly good and then walked a bit of it off before heading for a beer garden. We sat in the mid afternoon sun for a few hours and really had a nice, intimate chat. Something about the beautiful weather and the beers made us have a session of True Confessions, but it was cathartic for both of us.

Most days I come home before four, check the e-mail, plot dinner and get start on my prep work. Chris comes home about seven and we have a glass of wine and catch up on each other. It’s a nice time of day. Then I cook and we sit down together with another glass of wine and talk some more. There’s hardly ever a lull in the conversation. Chris is easy to talk to, smart and funny. Our values and political leanings are eerily similar; when we first started our romance I quizzed him on all the stuff I feel passionate about and he passed with flying colors! He might even be a bit more to the left than I am. Anyway, we communicate very well, and hold nothing back. It is wonderful to be able to share so freely without worrying about the other person making a judgment. Chris has a real sense of fairness which I absolutely love. It took me years, but I finally succeeded in finding someone who is perfect for me in every way.

We watch some television then, soccer if it is on. If there is one chink in his armor, it’s his obsessive love of sport, in particular soccer! But I think I can deal – I have been watching it along with him. Let me tell you, these European soccer players are real athletes. I cannot get over the amount of energy required to run up and down the pitch (the field to you those of you who are not indoctrinated!). One more thing; they have great lithe bodies. It’s not really a chore watching them.

Then we turn in, read in bed, and chat more. Among other things. It’s a sweet little life.


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