Wednesday, April 07, 2004

April 8, 2004

Snowing today as it has been in Jersey I hear. It’s strange not to be there, but I am connected. I go online and listen to local radio and read the Philadelphia Inquirer just to keep tabs. At 3 p.m., the e-mails start rolling in from my friends just arriving at their desks at 9 a.m. Yesterday I gave some cooking advice to a friend and was kibitzing with my brother-in-law on instant messenger.

I think one of the reasons my relationship with Chris blossomed so well is that we were connected via the internet and text messaging. I think I could have sustained a relationship by snail mail but he freely admits that he is much too lazy for something like that.

I do miss the election ins and outs, all the behind the scenes machinations. This is such a big election and starting out so mean and so tenacious so early that I kind of feel bad not to be back in the thick of it. It’s not the same reading about it in the papers or hearing about it on the BBC.

Today is going to be a lazy one. I am going to loll about in pajamas awhile and read which is the ultimate for me. Chris has a work dinner tonight so Jen and Paul are coming by and we are going to find a dog friendly place nearby to grab some dinner.


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