Tuesday, May 04, 2004

A Walk Along the Isar

We spent Sunday walking along the banks of the Isar River, which cuts through Munich in a similar fashion as the Schuykill in Philadelphia. In Munich, there are beautiful trails on both sides of this icy river which is fed from the Alps. The water runs fast and is a dreamy green color with rocks and rapids in some parts. It is clean and pristine. Muncheners love their river! Yesterday we saw hundreds, if not thousands, of people on its shore, sunbathing, barbecuing, fishing, playing with their children and their dogs. We walked for miles down a quiet trail, looking at the flowering trees which in their final days of bloom. We walked for three or four miles with Henry, just chatting and enjoying the magnificent weather. One of the most interesting things about this city is the fact that weather changes constantly due largely to the Alps, or so I have been told. There’s a very interesting weather phenomenon here, a warm, violent wind which blows in from the Alps in Southern Bavaria. It is likened to other famous winds such as the Santa Ana in California, the scirocco in Africa and the mistral in France. The locals think the fohn changes people, brings on migraines and encourages erratic behavior in general. I will report further!

Walking along this busy river was a wonderful way to spend Sunday afternoon. Henry was in good form, sniffing and marking the entire way! Of course we stumbled onto a beer garden in the middle of large wooded area. We stopped for a quick beer for us and water for Henry. Every beer garden has a watering station for dogs. They usually are on pedestals with a high, medium and low bowls to accommodate dogs of every size. The tables were dappled with the sun filtering through the trees and shining on our faces.

We crossed the river via a long wooden foot bridge. At this part of the Isar, many folks gather with their children and picnic. Everyone seemed so carefree. The part which amazed me is that you have to hike a bit to get to this area. These folks pack all manner of coolers, toys, and grills to hang by the river.

We walked back to the subway station where we had begun our afternoon and came back to our apartment. As I cooked dinner, night began to fall and a thunderstorm came roaring in. The three of us collapsed into bed that night!


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