Thursday, July 15, 2004

I'm Blue Today

I’m blue today for a thousand reasons and none at all. I am feeling isolated from the people I love, my family and friends, and I miss my old life and working for Tom. I miss my things, my kitchen stuff, and my paintings and pottery. I think if I looked around and saw some more familiar things I would feel better. My paintings and stuff are scattered around South Jersey. I have a silly little spreadsheet telling me what is where. I brought a few things, very few.

Our apartment does have one thing that makes me feel good, loads and loads of books everywhere. Chris reads as much as I do. Often we spend our evening quietly with our noses stuck in some book or another. When we went to Ireland, we were so thrilled to go into the great Waterstone’s Book Shop and see stuff in English that we bought some crazy amount of books, twenty, I think, which earned the heavy sticker on our bags coming back.

Chris was recently in England and picked up Bill Clinton’s My Life for me. Very thoughtful of him. I have been dying to read it. I know the book has been getting savaged by some of the critics but I am enjoying it thus far. His childhood was a minefield and it is fairly obvious, to me at least, that many of his misdeeds, or perceived misdeeds, were a direct result of it. I didn’t agree with everything Clinton did, but I thought he was basically a good man, brilliant in many ways, definitely charismatic and overwhelmingly compassionate. This is very apparent in the book. I’d rather have Clinton with his indiscretions any day than what we have now, a liar who sent young people to their deaths to further his agenda among so many other horrid things.


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