Saturday, July 09, 2005


Getting me, Chris and Henry out of our place and to the Airport was a massive feat. We had to hire a gigantic van to transport us because we had excess baggage and were also carrying Henry's huge crate. Checking in was a trip because in addition to Henry, there were five other large dogs at the departure desk. It was pandemonium, but we managed to get him checked in. The flight was largely uneventful and actually really good, but the funniest thing ever happened when we touched down in Philly and the pilot cut the engines - all you could hear was the sound of dogs barking! Very amusing.

I was glad to be reunited with Henry at baggage and judging by his wild reaction, he was relieved to see me as well. The Philly Airport was insanely busy due to the fact that Live 8 was happening in two days. It tooks hours to get out of there and we were happy to arrive at our new temporary digs in Moorestown.

The deal for the lovely home we contracted to buy on Morgan Avenue in Haddon Township fell through for various reasons, but we began searching for a new home almost immediately upon arriving in the States. With the deft assistance of our wonderful realtor, Mary Margaret Master, we found a lovely home on Colonial Avenue in Haddonfield, which we love even more than the other place. It is a charming place on an oversized lot full of mature plantings. It is currently owned by a friend. Initially, I felt funny about it, but then just decided to make it strictly a business transaction and nothing more. I was fine about moving to Haddon Township because it is a nice town and the neighborhood in which we would have lived is particularly charming, but have to say that I am thrilled to be moving permanently to Haddonfield. It is a beautiful town, probably the loveliest in South Jersey, and has a great community spirit. I lived there for almost ten years prior to moving to Germany and was overwhelmed by how many friends I made there and how many people had been kind to me. It is a great place with spectacular tree lined streets, unique homes and a pretty downtown area. We will be in a particularly good spot, just off Kings Highway in the historic distruct, a stone's throw from the shops and the legendary library! Yippee!


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Welcome home and CONGRATULATIONS!!! I think I dreamt that before it happened so it was meant to be.

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