Sunday, November 25, 2007

We’ve had a great time these past few weeks entertaining in our home. Whether it’s just us with Lisa and Mike and their two Australian Shepherds or a big party full of half the town, the two of us really enjoy having the house full of friends and kids and dogs and lots of laughter.

Saturday night a week ago, we had our friends Tara and Will in from London, and in honor of their visit, we really threw a kick-ass tapas party that didn’t break up till four a.m. I think it’s one of the best parties we’ve ever had (right up there with the Good Friday Bonfire, don’t ask) in terms of an interesting mix of people, good food and good booze. It was chilly outside and we had a blaze going in the back yard and people were going in and out between the tapas, the keg and the fire, the crisp smell of which lingered in the air. It really was a good night with no sour notes as far as I am concerned. I whipped up a lot of varieties of tapas and some of my pals brought them as well. Maria brought her amazing homemade truffles which were so good that Dan was making them for himself on Tuesday! Lynne brought gorgeous and very elegant looking canapés. Lisa put together shrimp in a garlic sauce and Suzanne and Mike both brought their special sangria renditions. There was a really nice spread of things to eat. Our neighbors strolled in very late in evening formalwear and started hammering at the keg beer and the tapas. It was a fun night. On Sunday, Chris, Will, Tara and I all cozied up in the living room and ate the leftovers while we had more wine. It was nice for me as I hadn’t spent much time with them before and I enjoyed getting to know them better.

Three days later, we crazily hosted fifteen family members for Thanksgiving and it went off without a hitch thanks to the help of both of my sisters and their daughters as well as my cousin Julie’s partner Delores who fits in better with my mother’s crazy Italian side of the family than with Julie’s WASPy and very proper side of the family, of which my dad was a member. But both sides blend really well and the conversation flows very well.

Since Friday though, we’ve been doing some major league chilling plopped on the couch reading and watching movies. It’s been a great little respite for both of us but I am getting a bit antsy today to go somewhere or cook something. The Eagles play tonight and we’ll wander over to the Evans’ to watch them get pummeled by the Patriots – not sure what the afternoon holds.

All in all, a fun and somewhat exhausting few weeks – a great start to the holiday season here!


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