Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We are staying at my sister's house for a few days taking care of Chip and the dogs and it's no bad thing because they have a beautiful yard with a gorgeous in ground pool. Last night we sat outside listening to the Phillies on the radio and drinking a beer. It was a very familiar feeling since it's the house and yard in which I grew up. I still feel at home there.

Our big dog Rooney is scaring the life out of Gina's smaller Dachsund, Penny for no reason other than his mere presence. Roon's as sweet as can be and means no harm whatsoever. Funnily enough, Gina's larger Dachshund, Harry, has Roon intimidated, if you can believe that! Henry would never have backed down from any dog let alone a wimpy tiny Dachshund. We've got a sissy on our hands! But a wonderful sissy.


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