Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday night finds us headed on foot to Lynne's for dinner on her terrace with her and George. It's cooler and a bit more breezy - extremely comfortable for sitting outdoors. I've made my signature peach cobbler which is still in the oven and we're bringing a nice bottle of Cava from Spain.

My nerves were jumping earlier this afternoon so I thought it might be good to find a project to divert my worries. I went downstairs and started to clean our basement and made some serious headway. The problem is that there are at least fifteen boxes which went into storage when I left Potter Street for Germany. I've been steadily progressing through them and trashing a lot of things. I did end up stopping a bit to look at pictures and read letters and cards, but that was pure pleasure. Some stuff I found: My eighth grade report card which was all A's - but marred by teacher's comments about my lousy conduct (guess I started the rabble rousing early) a photo of my sister Lisa and me on the edge of the Grand Canyon, a love letter from long ago written by someone I never thought I'd get over (I did), cards made Lily for almost every occasion - in general really nice stuff which changed the blue mood that had been threatening to overtake me.

My other new friend Lynn has been really wonderful and helping me to keep on an even keel. She's full of passion, compassion, love and laughter - strange how people come into your life and do so much good in a small amount of time. I love the easy intimacy I have with people - I feel lucky to be able to share my feelings easily and to have people in my life who truly react with empathy.


Blogger Planty said...

Chin up Missus... I love to read your thoughts on your blog... it never ceases to amaze me, the many things you have done in your life... the carnage and the happy times. Ups and downs is what life is all about. More ups than downs is best of course... and I think if we really add them all up... the ups outway the downs! Another bright point for us is that YOU leave so many nice messages on our blog... so thanks for brightening up our days, it makes me soooo guilty for reading yours and not leaving many comments... so thanks again. Comments are always nice to have!! So here is my comment: Thinking of you, miss you both! Ciao xxx

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