Monday, September 08, 2008

Traffic has been insane since the kids went back to school. We have wayyyyy too many cars in this small town and half the drivers are completely distracted, making what they think are covert cell phone calls which are against the law or dealing with their kids in the backseat so consequently most drivers do not heed pedestrian crosswalks and do make illegal right turns on red. As a pedestrian and a cyclist, I'm pissed off beyond belief by this behavior which is going unchecked by the cops who seem to be above the law themselves making cell phone calls. It's absurd. I'm also angry because this does not appear to matter to anyone in power. They fight over every little thing in this town - we ahd a montsh long debate about off leash dogs in a park and are currently having a major battle about a new library - but this serious public safety issue just gets swept under the carpet. I stepped into a crosswalk recently and yelled at the four cars who whizzed by me at a very high rate of speed and one of them cursed at me! Nice.

We're headed to this cabin in the Russian River Valley on October 5th with Tom and John and I need it. Chris' insane schedule is taking a toll on both of us and last night we got into a bit of a hassle when he came home from watching football with his friends a little intoxicated. I was upset because I only have three days with him and most of Sunday was a write-off as far as I was concerned. He's upset because this only happens every autumn and he needs to be able to let off some steam. He's absolutely right about this yet I still get annoyed. I know I need to be less of a bitch about this, but truth be told, I'm frustrated by our three day a week marriage.

Aargh. It's going to be a long week....


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You need to get some pictures of those cell-phone-using drivers (and their plate numbers) and post them to a site like

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