Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Screwpull Love

I love corkscrews. In my old place, I had a bunch of them hung around one of my kitchen windows for ready access at a moment’s notice. My favorite was one that had been at our shore home and that I grabbed on my very last trip there before the house was sold. It was a beauty. Stamped “Made in West Germany” it was a great way to open wine. A tiny bit complicated at first, it was an amazingly nifty little piece of equipment loved by most, but not all, of my wine swilling friends. I also had standard Italian corkscrews, waiter’s corkscrews and some novelty corkscrews such as the old Zig-Zag model from France, which was resurrected by Restoration Hardware.

I had never tried the Screwpull until I was at my friend Lisa’s for dinner one night. I couldn’t get over how easy it was. But I was unwilling to part with the hundred bucks required to get me one of my very own. But the other day I walked into our local department store, Karstadt, and they were selling one at a closeout price of twenty five euros. I grabbed it and brought it home and tried it immediately! Amazing. This one is made by Solingen, a big German knife and metal manufacturer. I love it.


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