Thursday, July 21, 2005

Chris is at Dell in Texas this week and will be again next week so I have been at loose ends a bit, but it's okay. I think a bit of absence and solitide is good for a relationship. Tom Bullock called me and asked me to fill in next week for the woman who replaced me, Jeannette, and of course I said yes. I am looking forward to it as Tom is one of my very favorite people ever, and I love the other guys in the office. It will be fun and will keep me off the streets so to speak...and out of the stores!

Everything is progressing according to schedule with the purchase of the new house. Yesterday we had the inspection and since Chris was away, Joanna came along, which was fantastic! She is a property manager for the government and has incredible knowledge, which really was a plus in this situation, where I am, I must admit, a clueless nitwit. So it was great to have her along. Our realtor, Mary Margaret Master was there also and I spent a bit of time with her this morning as well. I met her at coffee awhile ago and immediately liked her because she is warm and genuine and a lot of fun, but as time passes and I get to know her on a more personal basis, I realize how much of a good and principaled woman she is. I really like and respect her a great deal. She is top quality. It is so nice to have her working with us on this house. She's fantastic at what she does, but in a very easy going and reassuring way. It's been a great and fun experience thus far, thanks in large part to Mary Margaret.

One more thing. After seeing the house again yesterday, I love it even more! All good, as my sweetheart would say.


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