Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I took Gina's kids Lily and Jack to see La Marche de l'Empereur, (March of the Penguins) today at the Ritz and we all loved it. It's a National Geographic documentary about the breeding habits of Emperor penguins in Antarctica. Beautifully filmed in the most hostile environment on earth, this film is simply miraculous with some truly tragic scenes as well as some triumphant and happy scenes. There were some moments which I found jarring, namely several scenes in which the penguins died, but they were natural and not at all violent. We discussed it afterwards over ice cream sundaes and the kids handled it fine, though they both thought it was sad. It was a realistic depiction of nature and I think they are old enough to appreciate it as such without being traumatized. They are amazingly bright and charming kids who are very sensitive and aware. They are absolutely Gina and John's children in every sense. It was great to spend time with them alone and I look forward to doing the same soon with Kerry and Justine.


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