Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm feeling much better about everything, though still not thrilled to have Chris away so much. I seem to go through cycles - sometimes I'm fine with it - other times very unhappy. Bottom line, it's not changing - I better learn to live with it.

It's a beautiful morning - a bit chilly even but we all still sat outside the coffee shop. We had a large group today and topic number one - well almost - after Helen's home inspection and my meatloaf recipe :) - was Sarah Palin. Imagine eight to ten people - all of whom agree - screaming and yelling about this on our very proper main street. Really funny. Lots of passers by getting involved - businessmen, moms with strollers, all sorts - it was very animated. We were talking about how the Democrats really need to get aggressive and Laurel mentioned a quote she heard on NPR "Democrats never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity." Hilarious, and sadly very true. We can't blow this.


Blogger Dixie said...

Jane, my darling - I would kill to have that music book. Email me at and I'll send you back my mailing address.

And I'm happy to trade hand knit socks with you for the book!

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