Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chris' NYC project seems to be over and now he's involved in one in Groton, CT, miles away from here and not really an easy overnight as Manhattan was for me. I've been going a little bit out of my mind with loneliness and am picking up my knitting needles again. I've been into felting lately. The projects are a lot of fun and the end product is extremely unique. The absolute best patterns around are from Noni. Check them out - they're amazing! Here's a bag of theirs I am almost finished, but I've changed it up a bit and am using felted flowers instead of bobbles. I should have a picture soon.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

We've got a big crew coming for Easter tomorrow - seventeen including us. Should be a really nice time as it's a good assemblage of people of all ages. I like that. I know a few people who aren't keen to socialize with the older set, but not us. We really like a good mix of people of all different ages and stripes and find it makes for more interesting conversation.

So I've managed to prepare quite a bit of the feast ahead of time and tonight am going to see my good friend Stephen Heath as Pontius Pilate in an acclaimed production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Steve's a good good friend, partner of one of my best friends and a great actor, singer and dancer. You get your money's worth when you see him perform. Last time I saw him he had the lead in the Rocky Horror Picture Show and he was incredible.

Off now to put on my face!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Chris and I are having a great day in the kitchen. He made homemade mozzarella - bless him and I whipped up pizza dough and a bunch of toppings. Lisa, Mike and the *kids* read: dogs - are coming by for supper. It's cold outside but very very sunny and our kitchen has perfect southern exposure so it's a warm place to be today.

I had a great time at dinner last night - lovely food, a few stiff drinks and a glass or two of wine and it was smooth sailing. The weather was perfectly insane yesterday though. Huge blasts of wind - trees down all over town, electricity knocked off a few times. Quite weird and a bit frightening as our house is surrounded by gigantic old sycamores and oaks. I was worried about our majestic Japanese maple, but it looks okay.

Daylight savings time started last night which seems so early. It's weird. Oh well, gotta go open a bottle of Pinot Noir...

Saturday, March 08, 2008

I've been on a shoe shopping binge today. I found three really cute pairs. Here they are.

I'm going out to dinner tonight with Lisa, John and Tom and am wearing those adorable silver shoes. Love them. Mike and Chris are at an all day beer festival so we figure we can get dressed up and have a big night in a French bistro. looking forward to it.