Saturday, July 23, 2005

We are overwhelmed and exhausted from appliance and furniture shopping. We know we need a stove as the one which is currently in the house lacks a working oven. We also need a dishwasher as there is none at all. The big question at the moment is whether or not to splash out on a refrigerator. Of course I want to plunge in and do it, but Mr. Cautious is whinging about it so a decision has not yet been made!

We also need a dining room table and chairs. I gave my old one away to Allison and Marcus when I moved to Germany. It had been a cast off from Gina and John, who had gotten it when John's grandmom died so it has made the rounds! It was perfectly serviceable and we had some great times around that table, but I wanted a new one more suited to my tastes hence the give away to Ally and Marcus.

We're off soon to Pottery Barn, strangely enough at Chris' suggestion! Surprisingly, he likes the stuff there and so do I. So we shall see. Update later.


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