Thursday, January 31, 2008

Here’s a huge difference between Europe and America. Everyday, I ride my bike with a wicker basket full of stuff up and down Kings Highway to and from work in my black coat, red scarf and red beret. Nothing special, right? Not so quick. People come up to me all the time and say “Are you the woman in the red hat who rides the bike with the wicker basket?” and when I reply yes, they are absolutely poetic about a) how cool my bike is (it is, I must say), b) how “European” I look, and c) how great it is that I ride around to work and doing errands everyday. In Europe, everyone does this year round. I am a huge object of curiosity in this tiny town and that amazes me. Our town is small and parking is a nightmare. Driving takes longer than walking or cycling. Get with the program people and hop on those fancy bikes I know are sitting unused in your garages!


Anonymous Fat Tony said...

Try wearing a different colour beret one day, and see how many people do a double-take.

Extra points if you can make someone crash their car.

4:46 AM  

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