Monday, September 15, 2008

Yesterday got ridiculously hot - the warmest day since July so I have no reason to bitch, yet still...It's cooled off considerably today and the forecast is looking good so I guess I can relax a bit.

We had a great weekend. We did a little socializing with the gang on Saturday night - I made pizzas on demand - but the rest of the weekend was about reconnecting and I feel much better. How Chris deals with my ever changing moods is beyond me. If he were involved with me ten years ago, we probably wouldn't be married today. I was a huge pain in the ass, full of anxieties and depression and not nearly as comfortable in my own skin. He's been good for me and so has time. I find the older I get the less I am sweating the small stuff.

Though I did get into a bit of a vocal disagreement with one of the organizers at the Haddonfield Farmer's Market on Saturday. That thing is a mess and needs to be completely revamped with a new location and a new time. It's absolutely pathetic that a prosperous little town like this one cannot get a decent farmer's market going. This woman accused me of negativity because I made a post on Haddonfield Talks about Javier, a new local restaurant which received $50,000 in incentives from the town (Read: out of our tax dollars) and then received a thrashing from Craig LaBan in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Dude, I call 'em as I see 'em and that place is lousy. I love this town to distraction, have lived here twelve years, came back here from Europe, but am completely baffled by the rah rah cheerleaders who can't handle constructive criticism. I'm living here, paying insanely high taxes, support the school budget even though I do not have children, yet I am "negative." Go figure. I am really trying to find a diplomatic way to discuss this with the Mayor. The Farmer's Market is a wonderful idea, but we're holding it at the same time as the local originator of the concept, Collingswood, which is two towns down, and as such we are competing for vendors. Since they've been at this so long, they've really got a successful little venture going with a great vibe. Ours is awful. Chris and I went to a fabulous farmer's market in San Luis Obispo last September when we were on vacation and we were very impressed with it. There was a bounty of produce, but I guess you should expect that in California. Still, one of the main streets was closed and there were musicians and yummy food and all sorts of stuff happening. I say we have ours on a Friday night when we can attract more vendors on Kings Highway or Mechanic Street and not the Parking Lot of the Presbyterian Church where it is now buried. If we close one of those streets, and sign post it like crazy it will draw people in. I also think the local businesses and restaurants would get a shot in the arm from the increased foot traffic. I'll keep you posted.


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