Thursday, July 28, 2005

Jason and I went to a new restaurant called Cork the other night. We sat at the bar and had a few glasses of wine and steak frites, which were delectable. The beer selection is terrific and they have a nice list of wines by the glass as well. We caught up on his family, my travels and our new home. We hadn't had a chance to sit down and really bullshit since his visit to Munich. Speaking of which, today at lunch with him and Sharon Miller, Jason chastised me for not memorializing his visit to Munich in this blog. For the record, his trip to Munich was one of the highlights of the year, if somewhat of a drunken blur. He came with his brother Tyler and we had a blast. Jason is a bad influence on me. When I am with him I start drinking like I am in a contest. But it's fun and we always have great chats. We're fairly simpatico and since both of us are major windbags we have long circuitous conversations that are either deep and thoughtful or complete and utter nonsense. I like him a lot and his friendship has become important these past few years. To my mind, he and his wonderful wife Jen are keepers.


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