Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's a beautiful day here in South Jersey, though the weather is calling for accumulating snow on Friday. WTF? Over it, completely.

I'm in a great mood and have a good sense of well being again, for which I am truly grateful. Was having some serious and scary mood swings after the surgery and they scared me because I almost felt as if I were falling into the depression hole again. But I'm back to work, back to the gym and the house is clean thanks to the team of Brazilian cleaning women who swept through here a week ago. I've hired them to come every two weeks on a permanent basis and though I feel a bit guilty, I'm getting over. My mother would be having a field day with this, no doubt, but too bad!

Tom and I finished the odds and ends in my mom's estate so we'll be making distributions soon. It's been difficult emotionally and I'll be glad to get it done. We just filed the inheritance tax return and in six weeks the waivers will be issued and we can close the file. Many thanks to Tom for putting up with my crying jags in his office every time we worked on it. For a Republican member of the NRA, Tom is a mensch and extremely sensitive! And a good drinking partner. (He's hitting sixty in two weeks, but apparently it's a big secret, don't tell anyone!)

Everything else is good. Plans for Barcelona and Scotland are in high gear which is fun. Chris' sister Bernadette and her partner Mel are coming in from England for two weeks as are Bernie's university age daughter Katie and her boyfriend Chris. I'm thrilled to have them back. I've grown to really love them all and they've been wonderful to me. It'll be non-stop tea here - have stocked up!


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