Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Chris came up to New York City on Monday for a week of work and since the company for whom he is consulting is putting him up at The Pierre, a lovely, elegant old world style hotel at 61st Street and Fifth Avenue, overlooking Central Park, I decided to join him. I came up yesterday afternoon and we had dinner at The Red Cat Cafe, a great little spot we'd enjoyed before, in Chelsea. With red barn wood, and Moroccan lanterns, the Red Cat is warm and comfortable with the din of people chatting and laughing, something I enjoy hearing when I am eating in a restaurant. I hate quiet, fussy places where people are talking in hushed tones. I had a nice piece of Atlantic Char atop a bed of caramelized onions, which was delicious. Chris had a pork loin in a red wine reduction, simple and delicious. I like the restaurant because it's casual and unpretentious, and a bit of a happening neighborhood spot. Friendly and with no attitude whatsoever. I hate when I get a waiter or waitress who deigns to wait on me. I want nice, efficient service witha smile, 'nuff said! The RedCat delivered on all fronts - ambience, food and service.

Today, I wandered up Madison Avenue to the Whitney Museum and looked at the great Edward Hoppers, perfectly American paintings which have moved me since I was a kid. That was a treat. Afterwards, I walked further uptown to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and looked at some of the temporary exhibitions. There was a fun Chanel retrospective which was jam packed, but my favorite was "Matisse: The Fabric of Dreams, His Art and Textiles", which exhibit thrilled me with its originality and ingenuity. It tied his lush paintings, which were often painted with a backdrop of lush fabrics, to the fabric and clothing feauturedin the paintings. It was a great exhibit, a real example of why the Met is one of the world's leading museums.

It's hot as hell here, but I walked all day. To really experience this city, it's best done on foot. I love it here - it pulses and rocks 24/7.

Tonight we are going way downtown to Lupa, Mario Batali's fantastic restaurant, where I had one of the best wine soaked meals of my entire life a few years ago with John, Steve and Peggy. Here's hoping tonight's meal is as good!


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