Sunday, August 07, 2005

Lupa delivered big time. The food and atmosphere were both incredible. It was out the door mobbed so we were glad we had a reservation. We split prosciutto di parma, which was thinly sliced at the bar and absolutely delectable with the most elegant understated taste ever. Mmmmm/ Afterwards, we shared broccoli rabe and sausage with orrechiette. Fabulously simply and utterly wonderful. Then Chris had saltimbocca and I had a pork arista, a wonderful piece of the most juicy and tasty pork loin I have ever had, served with roasted fennel and onions. We shared a bottle of Salice Salentino and really enjoyed our night.

The next day I took two subways to the East Village so I could go to Katz's Deli to have one of their world famous hot pastrami sandwiches. Katz's has been around for over a hundred years and is my favorite deli on the planet. It is gritty and grimey, but you cannot beat their sandwiches. Fantastic! The owner sat down with me and chatted me up. When he found out I was from Philly, he questioned me abour cheesesteaks. It was fun talking to him. I felt like one of the celebrities whose photographs taken with the owner adorn the wall. One bit of Katz's trivia - it's where Sally demonsrates how easy it is for a woman to fake an orgasm in When Harry Met Sally.


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